Semi-custom Wedding Invitation Collection

Your love story is unique and beautiful, and it deserves to be celebrated! . . .which means you get to throw a huge party to celebrate with your closest friends and family!

 You need to get everyone to the party, so what better way than with stunning, luxurious, personality-packed wedding invitations?! With Ascribing Glory’s semi-custom wedding invitation suite, you have the freedom to choose your colors, illustrations, add-ons, and a sweet family crest, each of which represents the intricately woven details of your personal love story. 

Custom invitations, while amazing, might not be right for everyone’s budget; I’m here bridge the gap between beauty and affordability to give you peace of mind about this wedding-day essential. Browse the color profiles below to see what tells your story best!


passionate, strong, devoted

Light Green

Natural, fresh, adventurous

Dark Blue

Classic, timeless, elegant


Spunky, faithful, springy

Dark Green

Earthy, natural, graceful


Royal, romantic, resilient


Bright, joyful, energetic

Light Blue

Cool, refreshing, creative


Cheerful, soft, classic

Not decided on your colors yet? That’s okay!

 Fill out your preferences on any color invitation and then let me know in the details field that you will decide on the color later!